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Attorney Funding Cases

If you are like many attorneys or law firms you may have thousands or even millions of dollars tied up in case costs. This can often leave an attorney or law firm in a cash flow crunch while they are waiting for a basket of cases to settle. If you are waiting to be paid on one or more settled cases and are in need of a temporary line of credit, Attorney Funding through Direct Legal Funding is what you need. Attorneys with thriving practices should be solely focused on their clients needs, not on managing cash flow. More and more personal injury attorneys are working on a contingency basis, meaning they are only paid after cases have been settled and funds have been transferred into the attorneys trust. No one knows better than an experienced attorney that it often takes months or even years to settle a personal injury lawsuit.There are times when successful law firms are constrained without sufficient interim cash flow to cover operating costs. This is not uncommon. It is simply a reality that every successful law firm will experience. These are times that Attorney Funding through Direct Legal Funding can be very useful. We understand that attorneys, especially personal injury attorneys, can suffer cash flow problems during and after litigation. Our Attorney Funding services give attorneys the opportunity to obtain the funds needed to carry out the litigation process until a settlement is reached. We also provide funding for much needed expert reports for more complicated cases. In other instances we provide lawsuit funding after a case is settled and the firm is simply waiting for the insurance company or municipality to transfer funds. Direct Legal Funding also provides alternative funding to banks and other financial institutions. In contrast to traditional lending sources we understand attorneys’ needs and the value of the cases that they are litigating.

Direct Legal Funding stands ready to provide necessary funding to build your practice while you are waiting for cases to settle.