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Bus Accident Cases

Direct Legal Funding provides lawsuit funding for bus accident victims Direct Legal Funding are specialists in providing lawsuit loans to plaintiffs that have suffered injuries as a result of a bus accident. Bus companies are required to carry large insurance policies often leaving plaintiffs with large cash settlements. Unfortunately, because of the complexity of the law and the medical treatment needed by the injured party the litigation process usually takes two to three years before a settlement is reached.Often plaintiffs are left in a cash crunch and are in desperate need of capital to meet basic living expenses. This is when a Direct Legal Funding lawsuit loans are utilized. We will advance you the money that you need today while you wait for your case to settle. This will allow you to hold out for a fairer cash settlement. We will provide the lowest lawsuit loan rates available and in as little as 24 hours! Our lawsuit loan is non-recourse, which means that you only pay us back if you win your case. There is absolutely NO RISK!What are Bus Accident Lawsuit loans? A bus accident lawsuit is a claim filed by an individual against a bus company or the owner of the bus for the purpose of receiving compensation for losses due to an accident. The losses may include all or some of the following medical expenses:Pain and sufferingEmotional distressDisfigurementLost wagesLoss of earning capabilitiesAnd even lost opportunity.A lawsuit may be filed against the bus owner or bus company of an injured party for the following reasons:Being a passenger on the bus when an accident occursDriving or riding in an automobile that was struck by a busWalking on the street as a pedestrian and being hit by a busIf you have suffered an injury as result of any of these causes and are being represented by an attorney, Direct Legal Funding can help you with a lawsuit loan to help with living expenses while you are waiting for your cash award. We will provide you the cash you need today at the lowest rates and as in as little as 24 hours. Our lawsuit loans are non-recourse and are NO RISK. You only repay the lawsuit loan if you win your case! Liability of Bus Companies The guidelines from federal to state vary and your situation will need to be considered by a personal injury attorney in your jurisdiction. However, bus companies are obligated to provide a higher level of safety. They are actually in the same category as planes and trains. All three common carriers; planes, trains, and buses may be liable for personal injury to passengers. If a passenger is injured because the carrier or bus company does not comply with safety regulations set by federal and state guidelines the bus company or carrier may have total liability for personal injury.These may include:Driver’s carelessness Driving while under the influence Inadequate security Improper maintenance Weather conditions If you have been injured involving a bus, the bus company may be liable and you should consult an attorney to become aware of your rights.Important Steps To Be Taken After A Bus Accident:See a doctor as soon as possible. If you can be taken by an ambulance from the scene of the accident that would be the best. If not, see a doctor immediately.Get as much information as possible including witness reports, names and addresses of people that were involved in the accident, etc…Do not speak with any representatives or investigators of the insurance companies. They are not on your side. Only speak with law enforcement officers and a personal injury attorney.Do not sign anything without consulting an attorney. There may be a statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit so be sure to contact an attorney immediately.