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Colorado Legal Loans on Lawsuits

Colorado lawsuit funding is possible, however it is one of the most difficult states to obtain funding due to the local laws in the State of Colorado.  Fortunately, Direct Legal Funding can help you get a loan on your lawsuit. Call us Now – 877-885-4922

Thirty-three states including Colorado follow a modified comparative fault system, twelve (12) states follow a 50% rule.  In states following a modified comparative fault 50% rule, an injured party can only recover if it is determined that his or her fault in causing the injury is 49% or less.  If the injured party’s fault level reaches 50%, he or she cannot recover any damages resulting from the accident.  Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia follow the 50% rule.

In Colorado, insurers are required to offer UM/UIM in the same amount as the bodily injury liability limits you select. UM/UIM can be waived only if it’s rejected in writing. Drivers in Colorado may select limits starting at $25,000/$50,000 (same as Colorado’s minimum liability limits) on up to the same amount of liability coverage you purchase on your own policy.

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