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Nevada Lawsuit Loans

Plaintiffs in the State of Nevada have the option of seeking a settlement loan on their lawsuit.  In Nevada,  Direct Legal Funding extends lawsuit loans and lawsuit funding to plaintiffs with the following cases:  Car Accidents, Jones Act, medical malpractice cases, personal injury claims, labor law cases, tractor trailer accidents , burn victims, verdicts on appeal, workers compensation, slip and fall cases, negligence cases, premise liability cases, auto accidents, settled cases and more.

All of the above types of cases are eligible for Lawsuit Funding however car accidents are the most common type legal loans against lawsuit in Nevada.


Nevada at the time of this writing follows a 51% rule comparative fault system for automobile accident liability.  In states such as Nevada, an injured party can recover if it is determined that his or her fault does not reach 51%.  If the injured party was 50% or less at fault, he or she may still recover damages. A plaintiff may be assigned half of the responsibility for the accident and still recover damages from the court, but if it is found that the plaintiff’s fault was responsible for more than half of the accident, that plaintiff is no longer eligible to receive any compensation determined by the court. In the event of compensation – here, as in a pure comparative negligence state, a plaintiff’s recovery is reduced by the degree of his or her fault.

Nevada follows the tort law system in regard to auto accidents. This makes it possible to extend legal loans on auto lawsuits no matter what the extent of the injury. The basic idea behind tort law as it pertains to auto insurance  is that it seeks to determine which party in the accident is at fault in every accident situation. In states using tort law for auto accidents the assessment of fault is an important first step to be completed prior to the awarding of damages. In a tort system for auto insurance, the driver who is at fault in an auto accident is responsible for paying the cost of the victim’s medical expenses, as well as other costs which may include pain and suffering, lost wages and property loss. If you are covered by auto insurance in a full tort state, you can pursue damages for your losses including medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. Consult with your personal injury attorney about your rights and obligations as state laws vary and are subject to modification.

Nevada’s legal insurance minimums for autos, when compared to the national average, are relatively modest. In Nevada an auto  policy must cover at least $15,000 for injury or death of one person, $30,000 for injury or death of more than one person, and $10,000 for property damage in one accident.  Due to these low limits, when getting a lawsuit loan it is beneficial to know if the policy limit held by the defendant is in excess of the state required minimum.

Direct Legal Funding makes legal loans and lawsuit loans throughout all of Nevada including Las Vegas, Reno, Elko and all other cities in Nevada.