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Direct Legal Funding: Oregon Loans on Lawsuits – Oregon Settlement Loans

Oregon is a perfectly good state for obtaining a lawsuit loan. Direct Legal Funding provides loans against lawsuit in all of Oregon including Portland, Eugene, Salem, Gresham, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Bend, Medford, Springfield, Corvallis and all other cities in Oregon.

If you need an Oregon lawsuit loan  or a loan against your lawsuit in Oregon- Direct Legal Funding can provide it.  Direct Legal Funding is happy to assist plaintiffs with lawsuits that need a hand in getting some lawcash to pay bills, pay the mortgage, put the truck back on the road, or cover any other expense.

Direct Legal Funding Oregon Settlement Loans on lawsuits and lawsuit advances to plaintiffs in Oregon with the following cases:  Car Accidents, Jones Act, medical malpractice cases, personal injury claims, labor law cases, tractor trailer accidents , burn victims, verdicts on appeal, workers compensation, slip and fall cases, negligence cases, premise liability cases, auto accidents, settled cases and more.

While Direct Legal Funding provides cash advances on all types of cases in the State of Oregon, car accident injury advances are the most popular type of legal loan extended by Direct Legal Funding.

The State of Oregon that the time of this writing is considered an “add on state”.  As regarding auto insurance, add-on states are state regulations which provide for first-party PIP benefits, but they do not place any limitations on the ability to sue for tort liabilities. PIP benefits are consequently an ‘add-on’ to their auto insurance policies, and those add-ons are either compulsory or optional depending on the state.  This system allow plaintiffs in car accidents the ability to get a lawsuit advance regardless of the level of injury in the state of Oregon.

In all  of these “add on”states such as Oregon, however, drivers are able to sue at-fault drivers in the event of damages arising out of bodily injury due to a car accident. Drivers who have PIP benefits specified in their auto insurance policies consequently have the choice as to whether to claim PIP benefits from their own insurance company or to sue at-fault drivers under the tort laws of the state.

At the time of writing there are 10 states which have  an add-on system for auto insurance, Please ask your personal injury attorney to clearly explain your right as laws are confusing and often come to be revised.

Direct Legal Funding extends Legal Loans and Loans against Lawsuits across all of the US and Oregon.