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Pharmaceutical Drug Cases

The compensation for personal injury victims of a pharmaceutical (defective) drug lawsuit often comes far too late. Too many times these settlements are received long after the victim has suffered from extreme financial distress. It is not uncommon for these cases to take several years to settle and even after a case is won, payment may still be far off. These are times when lawsuit loan may be extremely helpful for a personal injury victim. Direct Legal Funding will provide lawsuit funding for plaintiffs in such situations. The best thing about our Lawsuit Settlement Loan Program is that there is no risk to you. You only repay the advance after winning your case and receiving your cash settlement. If you do not WIN your case you owe us nothing.To obtain a lawsuit settlement loan at the lowest rates available call us now at (866) 941-5588 or fill out our online application and you could have your advance within as little as 24 hours.The number of defective and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs on the market has been growing at an alarming rate. The FDA issues warnings and recalls on pharmaceutical drugs practically on a weekly basis. Some of these drugs have been the cause of life changing and life threatening side effects. Often drug companies ignore the data that shows possible side effects and even cover up information to obtain FDA approval.Due to the negligence of these manufacturers an uncountable number of patients have suffered life changing side effects and even fatalities. Class action lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturers of these defective pharmaceutical drugs. One of the more popular class action lawsuits has been filed against the manufacturers of the diabetes drug Indianan. The drug has caused heart complications including heart attacks and strokes. The dollar amount involved in these lawsuits has reached into the 100’s of millions of dollars.Some of the more commonly lawsuit funded pharmaceutical drug cases are:AvandiaSeroquelVioxxReglanAccutaneIf you are involved in any type of defective drug lawsuit and are in need of financial support Direct Legal Funding can provide you with a lawsuit settlement loan until you receive your cash award.Even though many of these class action lawsuits are starting to settle, the litigation process for drug cases is very long. Sometimes the client will have to wait years before receiving a settlement. Direct Legal Funding provides lawsuit funding to plaintiffs that are in need of cash today in order to meet their daily living expenses while their case is being litigated. If you have a pending or settled Pharmaceutical Drug Lawsuit and need a lawsuit cash advance simple fill out our online application or call us at (866) 941-5588. The application process is free. There are absolutely no out of pocket fees. We provide the lowest rates available as low as 2%, and there is no risk to you! We are only paid back if you WIN your case.Help us help you get the cash you deserve!When it comes to obtaining a lawsuit loan for drugs cases, there are a few thing that a client can do to speed up the process:After contacting us at (866) 941-5588 or filling out our online application it is important that you contact your attorney(s) and let them know that you are looking for an advance on your case.Secondly, it is also important that you find out the name of attorney and the legal assistant that has been assigned to your case. This will be very helpful in obtaining the proper documentation to evaluate the dollar amount you will be able to receive in a lawsuit loan.Lastly, we will need documents that include:Copy of Complaint Medicals Showing Injury Proof of Usage of the Drug Class action lawsuits are large and often have thousands of plaintiffs so you will have to be persistent with your attorney’s office in order to receive an advance. All funding companies need the cooperation of the attorney’s office and usually the persistence of the plaintiff with their attorney’s office will be the deciding factor in receiving a lawsuit loan.