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Philadelphia Lawsuit Loans

Do you have a lawsuit in Philadelphia? Do you need a Philadelphia Lawsuit Loans?   Direct Legal Funding can assist with a loan against your lawsuit.  Direct Legal Funding provides this lawsuit funding throughout Pennsylvania and can quickly and easily get your deal done and get cash to your hands in a very short period of time.

In Philadelphia, PA we extends legal loans on lawsuits and make lawsuit advances to plaintiffs  with the following cases. Car Accidents, Jones Act, medical malpractice cases, personal injury claims, labor law cases, tractor trailer accidents , burn victims, verdicts on appeal, workers compensation, slip and fall cases, negligence cases, premise liability cases, auto accidents, settled cases and more.

All of the above types of cases are eligible for Lawsuit Funding however car accidents are the most common type of case in Pennsylvania that qualify for legal loans on the lawsuit. Pennsylvania operates under a modified comparative fault 51% rule for auto accidents.  Consult with your personal injury attorney to know your rights and obligations as rules these rules are complex and often are changed.  Under this rule an injured party can only recover if it is determined that his or her fault does not reach 51%.  If the injured party was 50% or less at fault, he or she may still recover damages.  In other words, a plaintiff may have caused half of the accident and still recover damages from the court, but if it is found that the plaintiff’s fault was responsible for more than half of the accident, that plaintiff is no longer eligible to receive any damages determined by the court.

Pennsylvania Minimum Liability Coverage

You are required in Pa. to carry coverage of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per occurrence to pay for injuries of other people if you are at fault. I recommend at least double those amounts to protect you from lawsuits. You are required to carry $5000 in coverage for your family’s medical expenses.

This means that for each individual occurance a single plaintiff can draw on at least a minimum of a $15,000 policy.  However if there are multiple plaintiffs bringing case on the same accident they may all be drawing on a $30,000 policy to satisfy all of the claims.  Contact a personal injury lawyer as laws in each state are regularly modified and an attorney can advise you of your rights and obligations.  These limits are quite low and many insurance agents suggest getting an underinsured policy in case a driver carrying these low limits causes serious injury to you in an auto accident.

Pennsylvania is considered a choice state when it comes to auto accidents.  Choice states allow drivers to choose between tort liability and no-fault car insurance policies. Drivers who effect tort liability policies have coverage which permits the policyholder to sue at-fault drivers in car accidents. Drivers who effect no-fault policies make first-party claims on their own insurance companies in the event of a car accident, and their ability to sue at-fault drivers is limited as in no-fault states. Drivers can switch between the tort liability and no-fault systems, by cancelling their policies and effecting new ones. Direct Legal Funding extends Lawsuit Loans, Legal Loans and Lawsuit Funding throughout the US and Pennsylvania including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, Reading, Scranton, Bethlehem, Lancaster, Levittown, Harrisburg and all other cities in Pennsylvania.